The misuse of our company name in text messages (spam)

The misuse of our company name in text messages (spam)

Currently an unknown sender is sending out text messages, in which they falsely identify themselves as an employee of Fischer HRM. These text messages are not being sent by us. This use of our company name is unauthorized and is hereby being misused. We do not send job descriptions in the form of text messages. The numbers that have been contacted are unknown to us. How the unknown sender was able to gain access to the contacted telephone numbers is not known to us.

Some examples:

  • „Hallo, ich bin Mily von Fischer HRM. Wir suchen einige Zeitarbeiter, die uns bei der Verbesserung der App-Testaufgabe helfen. Sie können sofort nach 1-2 Stunden am Tag ein Gehalt von 100 bis 300 Euro erhalten, und Sie können einen Zuschlag erhalten 800 nach Abschluss des Tests an 5 aufeinanderfolgenden Tagen -Grundgehalt von 3600 Euro, das sind echte und effektive Rekrutierungsinformationen, wir freuen uns auf Ihre Beratung, bei Interesse fügen Sie bitte Beratung hinzu: Whatsapp xxx“
  • „Ich bin Mily von Fischer HRM. Wir suchen junge Menschen ab 20 Jahren in Deutschland, die App-Entwicklern dabei helfen, ihre Apps zu optimieren und Inhalte hochzuladen, um die Sichtbarkeit und Bekanntheit zu erhöhen und App-Downloads zu erhöhen, damit sie im App Store besser gerankt werden. 5 Tage die Woche arbeiten, 60-90 Minuten am Tag, flexible Arbeitszeiten und -orte (frei gestaltbar), nach Abschluss 100-300 Euro pro Tag verdienen Grundgehalt für 5 Tage die Woche beträgt 800 Euro Für weitere Details wenden Sie sich bitte an den interessierten Personalvermittler (Arbeitgeber) auf Whatsapp xxx“

Steps have already been taken and the proper authorities informed.

Our recommendation: please report the text message as spam and subsequently delete it.

Welcome to Fischer HRM!

Reliable. Creative. Fast.

We are an international team of consultants based in Düsseldorf supporting companies in all aspects of human resources management.

We find the right people to fill your vacant positions worldwide – and by ‘right’, we not only mean in terms of qualifications but also with regards to your corporate culture. We analyse your current and future staff structure – and the potential of your teams and managers to develop individual personnel solutions.


Our team of 30 employees is a competent mix of native speakers and HR professionals with experience in Japan, China, Iran, Russia/GUS, South and Central America, Eastern Europe, and Africa. They operate our Country Desks, are familiar with the standard practices in their markets, and are able to competently assess how candidates will fit into the corporate culture.

Using up-to-date communication methods from our base in Düsseldorf, we can source employees with international experience either for Germany or other subsidiaries around the globe – regardless of where our client company is based.

Quality is our strength – and we mean this in every possible way and with every single partner – with companies, candidates and colleagues. This is the real added value of working with Fischer HRM!

Nobody is perfect, but a team can be!

Fischer HRM is a competent and creative team of international consultants working together in a flat hierarchy, which promotes the speed and flexibility with which we do things!

Our mutual appreciation for one another and our diversity allow us to consider projects from all angles and examine all its different aspects.

In addition to highly-qualified consultants and many years of experience, the key to our success here at Fischer HRM is our insight and empathy – acquired through psychological training – to the very individual needs of our customers and candidates.

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Why Düsseldorf as a location for Fischer GmbH?

Because we and Düsseldorf go together.

The “Rhine City” of Düsseldorf is like us: cosmopolitan, tolerant, entrepreneurial, creative and versatile as well as reliable.

The “Rhine City” of Düsseldorf affords an international network, just like us: it extends from east to west, north to south.

Our clients are also just like us: international, often multicultural, companies with offices in countless different countries.

How to find us in Düsseldorf

Fischer HRM GmbH
International Consultants for Human Resources Management

Niederkasseler Lohweg 18
40547 Düsseldorf / Germany

+49 211 – 749 686 – 0

Munich and the Fischer GmbH

Because we and Munich go together.

Because there are now so many companies in and around Munich using our services that we also wish to offer our clients a local presence.

The “cosmopolitan city with a heart” goes well with us: it is down to earth, reliable and affords a global network.

How to find us in Munich

Fischer HRM GmbH
International Consultants for Human Resources Management

Palais an der Oper
Maximilianstraße 2
80539 Munich / Germany

+49 89 – 205 008 5577

Fischer GmbH in Hamburg

Because we and Hamburg go together.

Because so many companies in and around Hamburg now use our services that we would like to be there for our customers.

The „gateway to the world“ suits us well: down-to-earth, reliable and networked with the whole world.

How to find us in Hamburg

Fischer HRM GmbH
International Consultants
for Human Resources Management

Centurion Commercial Center
Großer Grasbrook 9
20457 Hamburg – Hafencity / Germany

+49 40 – 239 695 72

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