Activities of the China Desk by Nanhui Qi

Founding the podcasting website in 2008 including interviews / job offers / news / etc.

Basic idea: Since 2000 more and more Chinese choose to study in Germany. Currently more than 25.000 Chinese students are studying at German universities which is considered to be the largest foreign student group. This means that the number of Chinese graduates will increase as well within the next years.
The platform helps students to exchange study experiences, as well as to exchange experiences to seek work with German companies in Germany.
Target group: Chinese students and graduates of German universities / Chinese alumni in Germany

Organizing regular event and meet-ups of Chinese young professionals in Germany

Aim: to strengthen contact with other graduates and build up their own network
• Locations: Aachen / Bochum / Bonn / Düsseldorf / Köln / Frankfurt am Main / China
• Number of participants: 20 ~ 85

Events by Nanhui Qi

Date: 19.06.2015
Location : IHK Frankfurt am Main- chamber of industry and commerce

Chinese chamber of industry in Germany (CHKD) – Recruitment Fair „Die deutsch-chinesische Karrieremesse”

Presentation of „Recruitment and retention of specialists and managers as Chinese employer in Germany“ for the Expert Conference (for companies)

Date: 03.12.2014
Location : Shenzhen, China

„China Outbound Investment Summits“ – Workshop as an official partner of the FRM „Invest in Germany – Enter European Markets via FrankfurtRhineMain“

Presentation on „Demand of senior personnel for Chinese enterprises investing in Germany“

Date: 20.04.2013
Location : Chico Mendes Saal, Aachen

Presentation „Job China“ – Application training supported by a corporate lecture of the company Huawei Technologies Germany GmbH

Young professionals exchange about writing applications and CVs and experience of Chinese young professionals for job search and job interviews