Fischer HRM at „China meets NRW 2016“


The German-Chinese forum took place under the slogan “discovering new markets” in Duesseldorf in the middle of September.
Maria Fischer, Managing Owner of Fischer HRM, chaired the discussion panel “the revolution of health care – cooperation between China and Germany.”
Participants included cooperation partners of Fischer HRM’s China Desk.

f.l.t.r. Prof. Dr. med. Stephan Martin, Chief Physician and Head of the West German Diabetes and Health Center (WDGZ), outside lecturer Dr. med. Jörg Herdmann, Chief Physician for Spine and Pain at the “VKKD” clinic, Maria Fischer, Managing Owner Fischer HRM, Dr. Carsten Jaekel, Dr. Jaekel China Consulting and Nanhui Qi, Senior Consultant China Desk, Fischer HRM

Dr. Carsten Jaekel über Chinas Vielfalt und sein Gesundheitssystem im Umbruch

Outside lecturer Dr. med. Jörg Herdmann about his experience as a spinal surgeon at a Chinese clinic

Prof. Dr. med. Stephan Martin on the subject of telemedical therapy of diabetes in Germany and China

China raises a lot of questions – some answers have been discussed here