“How much foreignness can a Christian society tolerate?” is the BKU Düsseldorf’s annual theme for 2024

Before Easter, Dr. Andreas Püttmann, political scientist, journalist and publicist, our first keynote speaker:
The absorption and integration capacity of our society has not been sufficiently scientifically examined and defined: so the topic is often exploited politically in an unpleasant way.
A scientifically based definition that would be applied fairly across the board would make it easier for people to accept the change in their living environment.
Then everyone learns that the proportion of Muslims in Germany is a maximum of 7% and not the 21% that surveys suggest.
At the same time, it must be communicated repeatedly and systematically that large parts of our society would collapse without employees with a migrant background (doctors, nurses, cleaning, catering, vehicle driving, building construction). Germany is dependent on migration and needs to become much more attractive. This also includes a conscious welcoming culture.
Christian faith apparently proves to be a human resource: according to numerous studies, their social commitment, willingness to help and political moderation are more pronounced than in society as a whole.

Dear Dr. Püttmann, thank you very much for the enlightening thoughts and for another reason to follow Christian values!