HR development (talent management)

Fischer HRM knows that employees reach job decisions in particular based on a company´s qualified HR development. Candidates want to know, which development, training and career opportunities exist at the company. We are happy to put our broad experience in this field at your disposal to help make your company interesting for candidates and thus fit for the future.
Fischer HRM´s added value for your company

  • Identification of your company’s talents and top performers
  • Succession planning
  • Systematic preparation of talents and top performers for new tasks and positions
  • Defined and integrated Talent Management process
  • Awareness and popularity of your company in the labour market
  • Speed in filling critical roles and functions (time-to-fill)

Fischer HRM´s added value for your employees

  • Clear understanding of personal goals and how they fit into the organisation
  • Exploring alternative career paths within the organisation
  • Gathering and forwarding of continuous feedback on performance and expectations
  • Support on specific career and location preferences
  • Close liaison with top company executives

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Management Potential Analysis

Well-analysed management portfolios are a control and measurement instrument for qualified personnel planning.
With scientifically-based, practice-proven management diagnostic methods for employee assessment potential, Fischer HRM gives companies insights into and overviews of the potential and personnel structures on all management levels. Strategic personnel development can be aligned to the person, the company or the business strategy and the plans.
Concrete action can then be initiated within the framework of individual staff development and/or personnel changes.
Fischer HRM has numerous years of experience in the field of potential analysis of executives or entire teams. We advise companies individually on the tools or customise these to meet the company’s requirements.
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Executive outplacement

Comprehensive personnel measures have an impact both internally and externally. The remaining company employees become uneasy. Rumours begin to spread and productivity declines. Customers and suppliers lose trust and future employees are put off. The impact of a redundancy can be eased by implementing new placement measures.
We accompany you through the entire redundancy process and are on hand to assist the HR managers and management team even before the redundancy is announced to maintain the desired course and successfully implement any necessary measures. A positive redundancy culture can yield advantages for both sides. Hence a growing number of companies are recognising the benefits of new placement consulting and well-conceived redundancy concepts for specialists and executives.

Added value for your company

  • Management of the external impact on the public, competitors and future employees
  • Management of the economic consequences and their impact on daily business
  • Management of the internal impact on employees remaining with the company as well as those leaving
  • Avoidance of lengthy legal disputes
  • Commitment to social responsibility

Added value for your employees

  • Coaching on an equal footing with extensive personal and specialist skills
  • Rapid regaining of the ability to act and make decisions during times of change
  • Sustainability and clarity about one’s own capabilities, talents, wishes and values
  • Flexible and prompt advice and outplacement
  • Access to our business network and the hidden job market

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Employee coaching

For Fischer HRM, professional human resources consultancy also means providing assistance so that companies can recognise and foster the potential of employees and teams.

  • Do you want to help your recently promoted employee to master their new leadership role?
  • Is one of your executives having difficulties with employees?
  • Do you have the impression that bullying is taking place withhin a department or someone is being bossed around?

Fischer HRM´s coaching experts are happy to put their expertise to practice in these areas. Please contact our office for further information, or contact our consultants directly:

Maria Fischer

Dr. Albert Wunsch

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