References from candidates

“I would like to sincerely thank Ms Fischer and her team for her tireless commitment, where she provided me with advice and support – both professionally and personally. Fischer HRM was concerned with creating a sustainable symbiosis between myself and the company which exceeded beyond the target of a candidate placement. This was clear as the took account of my interests and wishes after the job offer and during the negotiations which followed thereupon. I would especially like to highlight, the value which was attributed to me as a candidate throughout the entire process.”

J. Kohestani


“You are very welcome to post my Opinion. I feel extremely well supported by your company. From the beginning all the arrangements were dealt with in a structured and professional manner. My interests and wishes were immediately understood, represented, and implemented accordingly to my complete satisfaction. The result makes me happy: I have found a new employer who matches my expectations 100%. Thank you so much for the fantastic cooperation, which continues still in the follow-up support and which I really appreciate. Many greetings also to Mrs. Fischer.”

Ralf Ring


“The application process was very pleasant, as the exchange was personal, reliable and ultimately ended successfully.
I would therefore like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the professional arrangements.
You are welcome to openly post my feedback.”
Best regards,

Ivo Keuken


“First of all, thank you very much for your support to me. Your introduction of myself and your arrangement of the interviews were perfect. And it is so appreciated that you have provided proper suggestions in the phase of negotiation and signing agreement.”
Best regards

Kazuki Yasui


“To begin with… They are aware of what they do. The process has been well-thought out from the start, and I have continuously been feeling in good hands. Whether it is about the first contact through Ms Auffermann or the intensive and very open consulting by Mr Walters. Last but not least, the final job interview to which Mrs Ito has accompanied me.
My gratitude for the support and the consulting… thanks to this, I was able to find an exciting new challenge. You can publish my name.
Thanks again to the team… it goes without saying that I will recommend you and I am available for any kind of “recommendations”.
You always meet twice in a lifetime.”
Best regards

Kai Dietrich


“I’m very grateful to Fischer HRM GmbH, they have been able to find a new job opportunity that matched perfectly with my career expectations changing my life. We cooperated each other proactively. Since the beginning its professional approach let things go in the right direction. Moreover, consultant servise was very helpful in each phases of recruiting process and mainly during negotiation with the new company turning out decisive for successful conclusion.
Therefore, my personal opinion is absolutely positive and I warmly recommend Fischer HRM GmbH. You’ll ever be in good hands.”

Fabio Barca


“Being contacted via my Xing profile, I got in touch with a very interesting employer, at whose company I am now working. Throughout the application process, I was openly informed and prepared by the consulting firm. The interviews were friendly and pleasant. The scheduling was very customer-oriented and fast. The internationality of the company and the intercultural understanding of the consultant Mr. Qi encouraged me to switch to this employer.”
Best regards

Annette Kievernagel


“The entire recruiting process was very professional. In particular, the assurances of Mr. Qi and his team were outstanding. In that sense, I would recommend Fischer HRM at any time.”
Best regards

X. Wang


“First of all, I would like to thank you for your professional and above all pleasant endeavor. The contact with you was very serious from the beginning, but also kept on a very harmonious level. Throughout the application process and beyond, I was able to rely on your support and have always had a good feeling. The new job fits perfectly with my person and I am very sure that the future cooperation will be successful. As a result, I can say without doubt that I would recommend you, Mrs. Kelemen-Raths and Fischer HRM GmbH anytime.”
Best regards

Julian H.


“The general cooperation with Fischer HRM and especially with Mrs Kelemens-Rath signaled and continuously conveyed professionalism and a high level of passion from the first point of contact, and the interviews at your company, through to the final completion of the employment contract. The technical advice, the correct time management and especially the empathy, in my point of view, brought the whole endeavor to a good conclusion. I am fully satisfied and looking forward to my new work.”

Octavian Iordachescu


“Thank you so much for this kind email, and thank you and to Mr Hayashi for the letter that you sent me. I really appreciate your support, professionalism and kindness. It was a pleasure to cooperate with you. Please feel free to get in touch for any updates.”
Kindest regards,

Jennifer L.


“During the entire recruiting process, I felt well looked after at Fischer HRM. Especially the support of Ms. Banken and her team was always professional, friendly and obliging. Very commendable was also the coordination of appointments through Mrs. Dax. – In this respect, I can fully recommend Fischer HRM!”

Friendly greetings

Rainer Schluff


“Fischer HRM has a dedicated and knowledgeable team with a genuine interest in assisting you throughout the recruitment process. They are very professional from the first contact until the finalization of the work contract with your new employer. I can confidently recommend Fisher HRM and I would especially like to thank Ms. Dobré and Mr. Hayashi for their support.
Thank you Fisher HRM!”

Upon request, our reference is willing to provide further information by phone.


“I was, or rather I am very satisfied with the service of Fischer HRM. I cannot imagine how it could be better. My documents were carefully checked. That is to say a preselection is already made for the clients of Fischer HRM. I was very well prepared for the interviews with Fischer HRM employees and also the clients, so that these discussions could take place very efficiently and goal-oriented after only a very short waiting period. I’m very satisfied with my new employer and I’m sure I made the right decision with Fischer HRM. Valuable tips for the move were also included.”
Best regards,

Andreas Vogel


“I am getting on well with my new employer and recieve a lot of positive feedback. The colleagues are very nice and the tasks very interesting. In short: I am very satisfied and feel very comfortable. I am really glad that I had the support of Fischer HRM when looking for a job!”

Matthias Neuser


“My perception about the whole process and in general about the company is positive. Right from our first interaction, Mr. Walters has been very helpful throughout the hiring process. He discussed all relevant aspects, e.g. if I am the right candidate or if I got any questions or concerns. I am very satisfied with my company and the work I am doing. It is the perfect example of work-life balance.”

Rizwan Younis


“Since my first call, I have always had a really good feeling with Fischer HRM. Whether by phone or in the personal accompaniment to the job interview – I can only say good things, especially since I’ve landed a direct hit with the first job I was offered. My new employer is happy with me and I with him. So, there are only winners, thanks to the excellent work of Mr. Hayashi, Mr. Ewald and Co. Thanks a lot for this.”
Best regards,

Burkhart von Klitzing


“The job application process with Fischer HRM was an absolutely positive experience; Mr. Walters is a professional recruiter who has shown his competence and expertise: in fact he not only helped me in preparing for my job interview (supporting me during each step of the application), but he also acted as an interface between the company and me, perfectly understanding needs and perspectives on both sides.
Thank you!”

Upon request, our reference is willing to provide further information by phone.


“During the entire phase, from the initial contact to the final signing of the contract, I felt very much at home with Fischer HRM and especially with Ms. Banken and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again. The professional and always friendly care of Ms. Banken have simply convinced me.”

Harald Scheidtweiler


“I can recommend Fischer HRM without reserve! The contact with Mrs. Kelemen-Raths was always characterized by absolute reliability, professionalism and high affinity. As an applicant, I felt very much at home without feeling any unpleasant intrusiveness. Thanks for that!”

Nadin Henrichsen-Schrembs


“I found the support provided by Ms. Banken excellent and professional and I am very happy in my new job, which I received through her.”
Best wishes,

Katrin Schwarz


“I found the atmosphere and quality of the consultation extremely professional at all times and also very pleasant, both before and during the entire selection process right through to the signing of the contract. In particular, the preparation for the selection process and the personal and reliable support provided by Mrs. Kelemens-Rath and was always very pleasant and helpful and significantly contributed to the achievement of my goals. Through the previous comprehensive and high-quality support, my expectations of my new job have been significantly exceeded, so I can fully recommend Fischer HRM.”
Friendly greetings,

Stefan Hein


“One day I got the information from Fischer HRM about a vacancy, which reached me at exactly the right time. The job description fascinated me right from the beginning. The whole process was extremely dynamic and ended with my being hired. I now have a new job with very good prospects I have incidentally been able to significantly improve my salary. Fischer HRM kept me well informed during the application process and I was professionally prepared for the individual interviews. I felt very well looked after by Fischer HRM and very well advised. My special thanks go to Ms. Hagel and Mr. Vöcking. For further information I am gladly at your disposal.”
Best regards,

Thomas Kühnel


“Dear Mrs Fischer, thank you very much for your consultation. In retrospect, I can confirm that your brief and concise advice was sufficient in getting me back “on track” again. Thanks again for your effort on my part. While I hope that, I will no longer require your advice, if I do, I will gladly come back to you. And I will gladly recommend you!”

Dr. Andreas Wieners


“I always felt in good hands with Fischer HRM. The entire team always made an effort to keep my needs and especially my individual situation in mind. This is of central importance in the search for a new position, because while internet search engines can more or less only take into consideration pure facts, here, great importance is placed on the personality of the candidate and on incorporating this into the position search in addition to the hard facts. In this way, not only are the right candidates supplied to suitable companies, but a higher satisfaction among candidates and companies is also achieved. I can only welcome this approach and warmly recommend HRM to anyone who is looking for a new and suitable position!”

Alexander Kaminski


“It started with a simple message from Fischer HRM that reached me at exactly the right time and ended up in my being hired for a position I would never have applied for, because I would not have found it!
Over the entire period I was well informed by Fischer HRM and prepared superbly for the individual interviews. I was also convinced by the competence and the enjoyment with which the employees at Fischer HRM are working!
Without Fischer HRM I would not be where I am now. My special thanks go to Ms. Banken!
For further information I am gladly at your disposal.”
Best regards,

Ruben Stiem


“I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you and your team. I felt that I was in very good hands with Fischer HRM at all points in time – your advice was not only competent and professional, but also always extremely friendly! I found your service really outstanding!”

Robin Lendel


“Fischer HRM provided me with excellent support within the scope of filling a vacancy in the field of logistics for a major Japanese company. In this context, the intensive support of the candidate needs to be emphasized. Mr. Hayashi and Mr. Ewald were available and informative at any point in time during the recruiting process.”

Olaf Zimmlinghaus


“I would like to express my sincere thanks for the cooperation with Marion Banken from Fischer HRM and the personal support. I find it very remarkable how she found me with my qualification and I thus came to be in my position today. The placement process was honest, competent and uncomplicated.”

Eva Brunner


“The support provided by Fischer HRM was very positive. I found myself in good hands at all times. Mr. Sprotte gave me a realistic description of the vacant position as well as the situation in the company. From the first point of contact as well as before, during and after the personal interviews in the company, he always supported me as a consultant. I can recommend Fischer HRM with conviction and would like to work with the team of Fischer HRM at any time.”

Eugenia Holzer


“Fischer HRM approached me regarding the vacant position as a representative for Turkey at NRW.Invest. It is a remarkable achievement by Fischer HRM that you were even able to locate me. Because, at the time I had been living in Turkey for about four years. (…) I remain very grateful to Fischer HRM for providing such a high-quality position and would be happy to recommend you.”

Dr. Adem Akkaya


“I would be happy to be able to remain in contact with you. Your advice helped me a lot. I appreciate and consider you to be a very serious representative of your future.”
Best regards,

Hans Christian Achinger


“From my point of view, the change in job went very pleasantly.”

Dipl. Ing. (BA) Jochen Schuler


„Thoroughly competent and reliable support by a very friendly team. I would gladly work with this team again at any time in the future!“

Jürgen Brüggemeyer


„Excellent, consistent support! Individual and honest. Genuine interest in my person and in the task in hand. It doesn’t get any better than this!“

Katharina Wolter


„(…) I applied to over 40 positions and attended around 20 interviews regarding my professional future – in part directly with companies, and in part in collaboration with personnel consultants. This involved a series of pleasant and somewhat less pleasant experiences. Out of them all, your company did the best job – and I am not merely saying this because the interview had a positive outcome, but also mean this entirely objectively! Your rapid reaction times, personal approach and ultimately the support from Mr Sprotte at your company and during meetings with your client are umatched in the industry. Keep up the good work! You can be sure of a positive reference from me at any time, and I will gladly also provide it elsewhere, as desired and wherever possible.“

Lutz Priebe


„I have come to know and appreciate Mrs Fischer and her team as a thoroughly professional personnel consultancy. From the initial acquisition through to signing of the contract, Fischer HRM provides a very high level of support throughout the entire process. Top performance, also in the event of poorly structured problems (in this case: exit after initialling). Overall assessment: excellent in the compulsory elements; brilliant in the freestyle! Highly recommendable!“

Dipl.-Kfm. Oliver Aflenzer


„I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Sprotte for his competent support. His ability to arouse enthusiasm for a company also kindled a spark in me. The interviews went far easier than expected thanks to his preliminary work and with him at my side. Mr Sprotte also demonstrated his skills when negotiating my salary expectations.“

Sebastian Wenzel


„Well organised, transparent selection procedure coupled with very good, attentive and competent support by Mrs Fischer.“

Tobias Nowoczyn


„Outstanding support by Mrs Fischer and her team. I can only recommend them – and I speak from experience.“

Gerhard Steinebrunner


„Thank you! Very professional, competent and kind. Please, please keep up the good work. Future cooperations are warmly welcome!“

Tobias Goeke


„Mrs Fischer from Fischer HRM showed great commitment.“

Paul Spranger


“Dear Ms. Fischer, we have had the opportunity to sign up for a position as Managing Director in 2010, for which I have applied. Indeed, I have a very pleasant memory of our cooperation. Fischer’s HRM teams demonstrated great professionalism throughout the recruitment process, both at the time of first contact, during interviews with the company that offered the job, and because of the constructive feedback I received following the interviews, and I hope to have the opportunity to work with Fischer HRM again, either as a candidate or as a recruiter.”
Best regards,

Olivier Guillaume


“Fischer HRM was very professional during our exchange for a management position of a French subsidiary of a Dutch group in 2010. I appreciated the quality of the interviews, but also the progress of my application. Fischer HRM paid attention to the expectations of the group of companies proposed and mine as a candidate to bring us together. I particularly recommend the HRM company to candidates who want to develop their careers internationally and companies that want to recruit executives for international positions.”
With best regards,

Cordialement / Best regards

Thierry Haller


“I had the first contact with Fischer HRM via a professional social media platform. The manner from the first contact to a first conversation was factual, precise, goal-oriented but also humane and considerate. At no time did I get the impression that I was only a “success factor” but rather a partner in a change process. I found the support provided by Fischer HRM and especially by Ms. Hoffmann supportive, demanding but also helpful, but never intrusive. From my side I can completely recommend a consultancy by Fischer HRM.”

Markus Vecker


“I felt excellently cared for at all times by Ms. Chang and every colleague and employee I came to know, and can only recommend you to all acquaintances and interested parties.”

André Telm


“Ms. Fischer and her team provided me with serious and competent advice / support. The information was always prompt. I felt very well looked after as a person and can definitely recommend Mrs. Fischer and her team!”

Jörg Weusthoff


„I would relish the opportunity to keep in touch with you. Your advice has proven extremely helpful. I value you as a highly reputable representative of your profession.“

Hans-Christian Achinger


“As things stand today, I have already been in my current job for 5 months. Both Ms Ostermann and Mr Qi, two wonderful Consultants, have frequently checked on me. Thanks to your advice, I was prepared for my job interview and salary negotiations.

I am so convinced of the agency’s quality that I have even recommended it many times. Furthermore, I have helped the team to grow by getting them a student employee, as Ms Ostermann can certainly confirm.

At this point, I speak to the reader of this review: You don’t do anything wrong with Fischer HRM. The Consultants are friendly, fast, globally positioned and have an overview of various markets. Go see for yourself.”

The reference wishes to stay anonymous.


Our candidates named on this site have given their consent for us to pass their telephone number on upon request.




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