BKU lunchtime jour fixe on 15 March 2022

“A #circulareconomy as the ideal approach to sustainability” was the topic by Henning Wilts’ presentation  and the subsequent discussion during the #BKU lunchtime jour fixe at the #Industrieclub Düsseldorf. The global consumption of resources has tripled since 1970. Preserving the value of products at the end of their life cycle is therefore a sensible solution. Germany may be the #recyclingchampion, but its circular material use rate is below average in the European comparison. There are several components to the circular economy strategy, including recyclable products, lifetime extension, reuse, etc. According to Henning Wilts , another is the digital transformation – as the optimal enabler of a circular economy!

The outcome: there is no waste, only raw materials. The quality of the “waste” is crucial however: in a #circulareconomy, only materials that are also raw materials of subsequent products are produced! This is by all means a #globalchallenge!