Fischer HRM News

Business Day 2022

On 31 May, our senior consultant Birgit Henschel-Neumann attended the CDU’s annual business day in Berlin. As always, leading figures from politics and business participated in the... Read more

Diversity Day 2022

Fischer HRM is diverse – and was long before we became a signatory of the DiversityCharter! For us, it’s personality that counts. What doesn’t count: age, gender, skin colour, nationality,... Read more

BDU meets Business on 19 May 2022

“Are you just #learning or are you #developing too?” was the thought-provoking title of the inspiring talk by @Dr. Thomas Binder, who is a Managing Partner at Synchronize-Consult GmbH. The focus... Read more

China Day 2022

“Current #recruitment #challenges for #Chinese companies in Germany” was the topic of the presentation by our senior consultants Wanjun Huang and Nanhui Qi during the #ChinaUpdate2022. They also... Read more


A good #worklifebalance is a top priority for us here at Fischer HRM. Every week, our personal #trainer Philipp motivates us to do functional training together. This type of training involves... Read more

Maria Fischer’s birthday in 2022

This year, the Fischer HRM #team came up with a very special #gift to celebrate the #birthday of our Managing Director, Maria Fischer. All colleagues clubbed together to make a #donation to the town... Read more

BDU lunchtime jour fixe on 17 March 2022

New insight: there are also great ways to use #blockchain #technology to ensure the reliability of environmental data! Last Thursday, the keynote speech was delivered by Siegfried Pleiner (Co-Founder... Read more