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Filling positions

Is your company looking for a production manager in the Czech Republic? A manager who not only has the professional expertise, but is also a perfect fit for your (European, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Arabic, etc.) corporate culture?

Or is your company putting together a management team for a new company subsidiary and looking for versatile managers with strong entrepreneurial qualities?

Or your challenge is to find a CFO for China with the potential of becoming the CFO Asia, who is a native speaker and has had management responsibilities in international companies?

Here´s how we can help:

  • We activate our worldwide network and our extensive contacts in the relevant branches and countries to solve your personnel challenges.
  • We analyse all the relevant job exchanges in the target countries, approach suitable candidates and place adverts in the corresponding media.
  • We create target company lists for each country and approach candidates directly either in their mother tongue or in English.

We assess the candidates‘ personal and professional qualifications

  • by carrying out in-depth face-to-face and telephone interviews with the candidates and their references, all over the world
  • by analysing documents, including reviewing reference letters from companies and universities around the world

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Technology companies

The creative and innovative strength of German companies – especially in medium-sized businesses and family-run enterprises – has led to an ever-increasing demand for suitable technical specialists and executives. Our experts at Fischer HRM have successfully filled countless positions and our know-how in diverse industries has grown accordingly. In a wide range of high-tech companies we are happy to assist customers with our expertise and welcome any enquiries, for example in the following fields:

  • Machine and tool manufacturing
  • Plant building
  • Automotive
  • Medical technology
  • Glass technology
  • Packaging and paper industry

B2C retail, consumer goods sector

Nanhui Qi is all at home in the extremely varied consumer goods sector.

Non-profit organisations

At Fischer HRM, we believe that the added social value of non-profit organisations is often extremely high – even if this value cannot be portrayed in figures. By offering this service, Maria Fischer aims to support the sustainable effect of these companies and organisations.

Country desks

Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries are the markets which are closest to home. However, we also fill positions worldwide from our headquarters in Düsseldorf!

Find out more about our Country Desks

Business succession planning

As if it were a piece of me!

Fischer HRM offers professional help and expertise in the challenging search to find the right successor for your company, who is not only professionally competent but will also continue your life’s work in your best interests. Please contact us if you are looking for a successor, who will ensure your company’s success in our changing world!

Fischer HRM is an expert in finding the right business successor for you!

Human Resources management

Filling vacant positions is only part of our services at Fischer HRM. Our HRM consultancy complements this with beneficial and constructive advice in both the run-up and in the follow-up:

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